Building Wrap Advertising

Building Wrap Advertising commands attention and gets noticed for miles. And then some more! We have created award winning designs for building wraps for over 10 years around the globe for blue chip brands and media agencies. Studies suggest that 71% of people often notice an outdoor ad. Now, imagine these outdoor ads to be building wraps. Would be pretty hard to miss them now, wouldn’t it?

Designing a killer building wrap advertising isn’t for the faint of heart. The file sizes are huge and there is no margin for error. That’s where we come in. Our attention to detail both in terms of design as well as execution ensures that your project is delivered with attention to detail, and on time. Our design team are experts at creating a beautiful blend between brand objectives, visibility and creativity.

Here are some Larger than Life Building Wraps we have designed for brands around the globe. Imagine what we could do for you.