Subway – Angus Beef Sub

To promote their new Angus Beef Sub in Guatemala, this window graphic was designed and installed across Subway Restaurants in Guatemala City as well as Coban, Huehuetenango, Antigua and Quetzaltenango.

Commenting on the response of the campaign, Anibal Chavarría Ericastilla, marketing and profitability manager, SUBWAY de Guatemala, said, “This was one of the top three campaigns that we have ever undertaken. All the people we interviewed remembered the Encyclomedia visuals. Some people even said that the sandwich looked so big that they felt they could not eat that much. The product is great and the graphics made the campaign more successful.”

The idea behind the campaign is to promote a new type of sandwich, a foot long premium ‘Sub’ called ‘Angus Beef Sub’. Keeping the clients’ objective to make the campaign seem like an irresistible indulgence and to maximize the appeal of the sandwich, Encyclomedia Networks was focussed to give the product the look and feel of a burger rather than that of a typical sandwich.