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Cadbury – Marvellous Creations

We designed this Billboard for the launch of Marvellous Creations by Cadbury in Egypt. Marvellous Creations is a new jelly popping candy block by Cadbury and is available in select markets across the...
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Coca-Cola BRRR – The BRRR Effect

When Coca-Cola India wanted to make consumers feel the Brrr effect of a chilled Coke during hot Indian summers, we designed this billboard along with many other OOH media formats. The campaign won us a...
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Fanta – Orangy Blast

This Fanta “Orangy Blast” billboard campaign designed for Coca-Cola in India ran in 6 cities of India and also in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The design is actually flat and printed on conventional...
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Flipkart – Real Time Shopping

Billboard designed for Flipkart.com, the e-commerce site in  India, with a digital LED clock that shows the time and the number of shoppers on their website, in real time. We caught this photo at 11.53 am...
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Wrigleys Excel Gum – Zap Away Bad Breath

Billboard campaign enhanced for Wrigley Canada for their Excel Gum campaign by Encyclomedia Canada and executed across Canada....
Val Horrobin, Brand Manager, Wrigley Canada

After reviewing Encyclomedia’s portfolio of work, I was intrigued. With extremely tight timelines, Encyclomedia was able to amplify existing creative, adding more dimension and detail for greater impact.  The team understands what it takes to stand out in the out-of-home environment. Aaron's approach to client management was a breath of fresh air. He is easy to work with, encourages open & honest communication, and always demonstrates a high sense of urgency. I was equally impressed with his team. They are able to turn things around overnight - literally.

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Gallo Beer

To entice consumers to have a chilled Gallo Beer, we designed these billboards to promote the sales of Gallo Beer in...
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Orangina – Original By Nature

This billboard was designed for Orangina to announce that it is now available in cans. The peeling orange effect revealing the can delivered the message effectively and this campaign was run across...
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Land Rover – Evoke

This billboard was designed and installed across key locations in South Africa for Land Rover to promote the launch of...
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Subway – Angus Beef Sub

To promote their new Angus Beef Sub in Guatemala, this billboard was designed and installed across the country as part of their launch campaign. As part of the Outdoor campaign, we also designed their...
Anibal Chavarría Ericastilla - Marketing & Profitability Manager, Subway de Guatemala

This was one of the top three campaigns that we have ever undertaken. All the people we interviewed remembered the Encyclomedia visuals. Some people even said that the sandwich looked so big that they felt they could not eat that much. The product is great and the graphics made the campaign more successful.

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Bocatto ice creams

This Billboard was designed and installed across key locations in Colombia for the promotion of Bocatto ice...
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Knorr Soup – Chhoti Bhook Mitao

Knorr Goes Local With “Chhoti Bhook Mitao” !!! Unilever -India teamed up with Encyclomedia to enhance their creative and literally enliven the experience of having a tomato soup with fresh & crispy bread crumbs...
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Hi Malt

Encyclomedia Adds High Impact Visibility To Hi Malt In...
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Renault Duster

Renault India teams up with Encyclomedia for the 2nd Phase of their Renault Duster AWD Pan India campaign; where in Encyclomedia enhanced the creative and gave it a 3D look- which literally caught the...