EncycloMedia Networks is a design agency focussed on creating impact & memorable designs for OOH, Transit, Street Furniture, DOOH & Retail Media surfaces.


Innovation is the mainstay of our existence.

We use use ahead-of-the-art design processes. Our main raw material is the concept. The Big Idea. And once we hit upon this, based on a clear understanding of the brand’s needs at the specific juncture, the rest falls into place.

Our hand-picked team of designers custom-design the specific pieces of communication. This is pure Art in action. We survey the target locations. We plot, we plan. We then present designs that we are convinced will work their magic.

And then, we execute by delivering the art files to the clients to hand over to their agency for execution.

The result is not a printed graphic. It’s a Work of Art!

And it’s bound to find instant recognition. Create high impact. And induce measurably enhanced Sales.

These are not claims. Facts and figures prove the effect of our designs.

Meet Our Team

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